Linienstraße & Sophienstraße Viennoiserie from 10:00 - Eclairs from 12:00 (Wednesday to Sunday)

Humble beginnings

Canal opened in November 2018 in Berlin’s most charming commercial and residential courtyards - the Hackesche Höfe. Run by the Pastry Chef Daniella Barriobero Canal and Partner Guadalupe Eichner, both with an engineering background, Canal is a place where aesthetics, natural ingredients, rich handmade ice cream and pastries come together.

After months searching for a second location with the ultimate purpose of offering the Eclairs all year long, Canal opened a second shop in December 2020 with a production kitchen in the Linienstraße 54 in Mitte. In a warm and modern space, we produce with great fondness products using unadulterated and seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal quality

Canal continues to evolve, grow, push boundaries and flourish in the industry of artistic pâtisserie. All our creations are produced daily on site, the quantities are limited and defined by the season and our production capacity. For us quality takes priority over quantity, and it is important to deliver the freshest result when it comes to ice cream and pastries.

The pastry chef

Daniella defines her style as classic, focused on organic ingredients and the combinations of different flavors and textures. Trained by top professionals from Spain, France, Italy and Arab Emirates, she learnt important techniques to formulate heath-conscious recipes from scratch, that were the foundations to turn the typical éclair or ice cream into a new high quality experience, lighter and tastier.

“Chef Dana’s background in engineering is noticeable in the perfection and attention to detail found in her intricate toppings and decorations.”

CeeCee Berlin